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A: That depends and the nature of the hair and number of times Keratin Treatments have been applied, but usually two to six months. Be sure to continue to wash with unex keratin BTX Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioners because other products containing sodium chloride will strip the treatment from the hair. Our after-care products are designed to balance the pH levels of the hair and assist in prolonging the treatment while maintaining its ultimate shine. If you have applied the BTX treatment on hair that has never received any kind of Keratin Treatment, then the first time the results can usually be short but know that this is because your hair needs time to adjust to the changes that you are expecting of it. The second time will be a charm 🙂 If you have very rebellious hair and still BTX has not effected your hair, perhaps trying our V2 formula would be best. Although, many have said with 2 applications, BTX has worked for first timers.

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