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A: Absolutely! The unex keratin BTX Treatment works wonderful with Afro hair. It truly works to better your hair with every treatment. Know that with Afro hair, the curl will return when the hair is washed but without Frizz! That’s right, you can wear your hair a cute curl if you wish without the worry of frizz and for a straight look, when simply using a round brush and blow dryer, your hair will be straight, manageable and gorgeous in just minutes! The unex keratin BTX Treatment reacts amazingly quick to heat.. so styling your hair will be a breeze while still maintaining that gloss, healthy shine and absolutely no frizz!!! Just know when applying the unex keratin BTX Treatment, flat iron at least 10 times on small sections of the hair.

BTX unex Keratin Treatments will relax the hair maximum to 70%. What the treatment will do 100% is illuminate frizz and help to improve the hair root to tip with each application. Because the treatment is organic and free of harmful chemical), you can apply the product as much as you like! The more you receive the treatment, the better the results.

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