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Please realize that every step of the unex Keratin Bio treatment is to be performed just as indicated on the instructions. unex Keratin Clarifying Shampoo must be used to properly prepare the hair to receive the treatment. Our Clarifying Shampoo was designed to deep clean the hair unlike common shampoo can offer. Clarifying Shampoo opens the hair culticles and removes residue that commonly hides deep within the hair. Without this proper deep cleansing, the hair will not properly receive the keratin treatment and the entire treatment will fail. We also suggest the following steps to ensure that the Pre-Shampoo process is performed correctly:

a) For those that have never received a Keratin Treatment:
Please wash the hair up twice and leave on the hair well lathered and brush hair with the shampoo still on and leave on from 7-10 minutes.
b) For very thick hair, coarse hair and tight curls – wash the hair up to 3 times, brush hair with the shampoo still on and leave on the hair well lathered 7-10 minutes.

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