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A: unex Keratin BTX Treatments are free of any harmful ingredients.
It is suggested to proceed with treatment if the client wishes but please make sure of the following:

-Pregnant women after their 3 month trimester may proceed with the unex Keratin BTX Treatment with caution to any individual sensitivities that may be occurring.

-Children over 6 years of age. (to be applied by an adult at all times)
Safety: Please keep product from the reach of children for reasons of accidental poisoning do to ingestion. Do not allow children to drink or rub the treatment or shampoo or conditioner products into eyes.
Treatment Applications- Maximum amount of applications allowed for a child not to exceed three applications per month (once per week if desired but not more than).
Shampoo & Conditioners: Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioners may be applied daily.

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