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A) How can I verify that I’ve purchased an authentic unex Keratin product?

All products purchased from this website are shipped directly from Beauty Cosmetica – the manufacturer of the unex Keratin brand. If you have purchased your product on any other website other than or one of our online stores on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Sears . Was it by any local contact, store or vendor and are concerned about your product, you can always:

1. Check the product page on this site photos in comparison.
2. Email a photo and formula description including to along with information on where you purchased your item from. We will verify the seller of the product and if it is sold from a registered official source and or distributor.
3. Check if you have a local distributor! Click here to send us your information and we will reply with your official distributor or inforamtion on how to purchase authentic unex Keratin.

An important message about unex Keratin Gold & Honey and Chocolate Max Biological bottles being sold currently below!

We currently have web specials for our remaining Biological Pre-Treatment Shampoo, Post Treatment Shampoo and Conditioners.
B) What is Keratin?

Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. The amino acids which combine to form it have several unique properties and, depending on the levels of the various amino acids, it can be inflexible and hard, like hooves, or soft, as is the case with skin. Most people interact with this tissue after it is actually dead; hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells that the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new tissue below them.

Hair and nails on humans especially tend to become dry and brittle, because the dead keratin is being pushed to great lengths. In general, the thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair or nail is, because the dead cells outside protect the living cells at the core. Keeping the external layer moisturized will also keep it healthy and prevent cracking and splitting, The unex Keratin Treatment process places a protective barrier of keraitn on each strand of hair, thus bringing the hair back to life in appearance and strength.

1) How can I chose the suitable kind of unex Keratin Treatment for my hair type – The difference between BIO, BTX, V2 and V1 ?

All of the treatments work to improve the quality of your hair by returning keratin ( a natural substance of the hair, skin and nails ) into the hair cuticle and revitalizing the feel, look and consistency of your hair combined with special unex Keratin hydrating ingredients to give a natural shine and fabulous texture to your hair. Please make sure that your hair is strong enough to endure an intensive treatment that involves much washing, blow drying and flat ironing at very high temperatures. Brittle hair may require more strengthening and reparation treatments before performing any Keratin Treatment. We suggest using unex Keratin Deep Masque Treatment. Below is a brief explanation of each of our treatments. Knowing your hair type, please examine which would be suitable for you. The first 2 choices are free of formaldehyde.

Different Fragrances (Chocolate, Honey, Gold & Honey/New Designer, Pina Colada) have nothing at all to do with the color of your hair and only to do with the benefits botanical ingredients that each one has and what they offer for your hair.

Botanical Extracts benefiting Gold & Honey:

Mel Honey Extracts that act as an antioxidant & antibacterial protection for your hair
Apis Extract (Honey): Smoothes the hair strand by strand creating a protective barrier

Botanical Extracts benefiting Chocolate Max:

Cocoa Extracts that act as deep moisturizer and daily protection for your hair
Jojoba extract: Chinensis Seed Oil nourishes, moisturizes the hair and scalp treatment as well as hair restorative.
Olive Oil Extract: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil moisturizes and relieve the the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays and helps to regain its balance naturally.

Botanical Extracts benefiting BTX:

Shea Butter: works deeply into the hair core, reinvigorating & repairing strand by strand with UV protection, without weighing down or leaving your hair greasy.
Olea Europaea Fruit Oil: A botanically derived ingredient – Olive Oil indigenous to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa that is packed with antioxidant vitamin E which moisturizes, protects and nourishes.

BoNT-L-peptide with its Botox-like activity just like covering and smoothing the needed areas for and bringing the youthful vigor back into your appearance and finds where hair is most porous, sealing split ends and restructuring damaged locks. The dramatic results are incredible shine and repaired hair!
Choice 1:The unex Keratin Biological and Bio-Brazilian Keratin Treatments have no formaldehyde and will straighten the hair 70-90% depending on how course the hair was before the treatment, frizz is 100% eliminated. Biological is liquid formula (honey & chocolate scented) and Bio-Brazilian is cream based. Biolgoical Treatments are no longer manufactured. If you have purchased unex Keratin Gold & Honey Biological recently, please report the buyer and return the counterfeit product. unex Keratin Chocolate Max & Gold & Honey Biological Treatments are discontinued. ! Biological Shampoo and Conditioners are now found in our close out deals section.. The latest unex Keratin Bio is cream based and is called “Bio-Brazilian” and works the same magic and has been for over 2 years!

Choice 2: The unex Keratin BTX- Brazilian Therapy eXtreme Treatment has no formaldehyde and is applied completely different from any other keratin treatment. Available only in Pina Colada Scent. This treatment has a special ingredient that is also used in b o t o x. This serves more as straightening strength of 70% depending on how course the hair was before the treatment, frizz is 100% eliminated and the shine of the hair is unbelievable. This treatment has no fumes whatsoever! The treatment is washed before the flat iron is even used! Most professionals enjoy performing this treatment for this reason. (see products)

Choice 3: unex Keratin V2 Keratin Treatment does produce fumes but a lot less than the competition and is a bit strong available in Gold & Honey and Chocolate Max. Professionals find this treatment very easy to apply as it was the first formula on the market that you did not have to wait three days to wash and should not be performed on pregnant/nursing woman or children. Will straighten the hair 95-100% depending on how course the hair was before the treatment. Frizz is 100% eliminated. (see products) We have a choice of Gel or Creamy formulas for your preference but both work it’s same magic.

Choice 4: unex Keratin V1 Keratin Treatment is our strongest formula available only in Chocolate Max and does require a well ventilated area. This was our first treatment and requires the client to not wash the hair for three days after the treatment and should not be performed on pregnant/nursing woman or children. Will straighten the hair 96-100% depending on how course the hair was before the treatment. Frizz is 100% eliminated. (see products)

2) If my hair has been treated, colored, straightened, or has any other kind of chemicals; can I have the unex Keratin Keratin Treatment without damaging or breaking my hair?

A: Definitely! Everyone is a good candidate for our unex Keratin Treatment! Especially those with frizzy, damaged or processed hair. Our unex Keratin treatments are hair reconstructers which work to repair the hair root to tip and would benefit every type of hair (premed, fine, course, frizzy, curly, color treated, extensions, and Japanese treatments). Having a unex Keratin treatment is a ticket to a shinier, more luxurious and healthier hair that looks great! We would ask that please use discretion with the amount of times that the flat iron will be used on fine, light or damaged hair. We suggest that please during the flat ironing process to be careful of hair textures and hair color.

3) After doing the unex Keratin Bio Treatment for the first time, when do I need to do it again?

A: You can repeat it as many times as you want! The Bio treatment is completely safe!

4) How long does the unex Keratin Bio Treatment last?

A: That depends and the nature of the hair and number of times Keratin Treatments have been applied, but usually two to six months. Be sure to continue to wash with unex Keratin Bio Post Treatment Shampoo and Conditioners because other products containing sodium chloride will strip the treatment from the hair. Our after-care products are designed to balance the pH levels of the hair and assist in prolonging the treatment while maintaining its ultimate shine. If you have applied the BIO treatment on hair that has never received any kind of Keratin Treatment, then the first time the results can usually be short but know that this is because your hair needs time to adjust to the changes that you are expecting of it. The second time will be a charm 🙂 If you have very rebellious hair and still BIO has not effected your hair, perhaps trying our V2 formula would be best. Although, many have said with 2 applications, BIO has worked for first timers.
5) What is the effect on my hair after applying the unex Keratin Bio Treatment?

A: You will notice your hair very straightened, hydrated, shinier and soft. The unex Keratin Bio Treatment creates a protective layer of Keratin that boosts your hairs needs to be full of life, healthy and luxurious during the duration of your treatment.

6) What is the right way to have the unex Keratin Bio treatment performed?

A: Other than the back label of our products having step by step instructions, we have the following to help you understand just how to apply this treatment. Remember that applying the flat iron thoroughly and slowly, several times, is the secret for an excellent result.

Youtube Instructional Video in English
Youtube Instructional Video in Spanish
Youtube Instructional Video in Arabic
Youtube Instructional Video in Italian
7) Do these unex Keratin Bio products cause any irritation to the eyes or smell in the room?

A: unex Keratin Bio treatments contain absolutely 0% formaldehyde! There will be no irritation of the eyes or skin, no foul smells! Gloves and ventilation are optional!

8) How much of the unex Keratin Bio product should I use?

A: It depends on the length and texture of the hair, for shoulder length hair the usual amount needed is 60ml/2oz. Some people make the mistake of over applying thinking that it the hair will be more straightened, that is not true. Over saturating the hair will make the procedure fail. Please use the indicated amount or as needed for the length and volume of the hair or the hair will be difficult to brush and flat iron during the process and will result in white dandruff like flaking. Please use a fine tooth comb during he process to distribute the product evenly and remove all excess product..

9) What are the specific ingredients on the unex Keratin Bio that make it work so well?

A: Our new Bio-Brazilian formula has benefits for both Gold & Honey and Chocolate. Ingredients like:

• Argania Spinosa Oil from the healing trees of Morocco in which help to rejuvenate dry and brittle hair and defend against flakes or dandruff while adding body to your hair.

• Mel Extract: is a natural emollient that seals in moisture & softens hair to add flexibility.

And of course keratin that restores health strand by strand as it coats your hair with a protective barrier.

Want to find out more? See lab results at this link.
10) Which type of flat iron should I use?
A: Always use a flat iron that can reach up to 450 Fahrenheit or 200 Celsius. Use moderation while performing the treatment on different hair types and take into consideration the texture of the hair. Light colored and fine hair clients do not require such high temperatures. We offer several different kind of flat irons and hair tools for your convenience.
11) After applying the unex Keratin Bio Treatment, do I have to maintain my hair with some kind of product?
A: Yes, your Shampoo, Conditioners, gels and hair sprays should not contain any sodium chloride. We suggest unex Keratin After Care Bio Post Shampoo and Conditioners and unex Keratin Silicon Shine and Cure Serum.
12) Can I apply the unex Keratin Bio Treatment product the same day it has been colored?

A: Yes, without any collateral effects, you can apply the product the same day after having another treatment such as coloring, de coloring, etc. Just take into account that at times light colored (dyed hair of light color) and dyed red colored hair might experiencing fading to do the leveling of PH our Botanical main ingredient. Our BTX products are best for not effecting the color of the hair.

13) If my hair has a Relaxer or Henna, can I use the unex Keratin Bio Treatment?
A: Yes, it actually works best with a Relaxer that has previously been applied. Henna, has not effect on this treatment. Enjoy!
14) What are the advantages of the unex Keratin Bio Treatment?
A: Besides straightening the hair, it hydrates, softens, and gives the hair its natural texture, because the keratin treatment penetrates the strands, treating from inside out. unex Keratin Bio products are completely safe and contain no harmful effects so there are no health risks involved. Applying and receiving the treatments are to be experienced without worry of any irritations to the eyes or skin both for the client and the hair professional. Also, unex Keratin’s web site is secure and professional, you can purchase with confidence, guaranteed.
15) Can unex Keratin Bio Treatment be performed on Afro Hair?
A: Absolutely! The unex Keratin Bio Treatment works wonderful with Afro hair. It truly works to better your hair with every treatment. Know that with Afro hair, the curl will return when the hair is washed but without Frizz! That’s right, you can wear your hair a cute curl if you wish without the worry of frizz and for a straight look, when simply using a round brush and blow dryer, your hair will be straight, manageable and gorgeous in just minutes! The unex Keratin Bio Treatment reacts amazingly quick to heat.. so styling your hair will be a breeze while still maintaining that gloss, healthy shine and absolutely no frizz!!! Just know when applying the unex Keratin Bio Treatment, flat iron at least 10 times on small sections of the hair.

Our Brazilian Straightener treatments work wonderful on Afro hair as seen on this video.

All Bio-Brazilian and BTX unex Keratin Treatments will relax the hair maximum to 70%. What the treatment will do 100% is illuminate frizz and help to improve the hair root to tip with each application. Because the treatment is organic and free of harmful chemical), you can apply the product as much as you like! The more you receive the treatment, the better the results.
16) Can you swim in the pool or ocean after you have the unex Keratin TREATMENT?

A: Please be aware that any exposure to salt or and chlorine will strip the hair of any Keratin Treatment. One can enjoy the water as long as the hair is not exposed to extreme environments involving salt and or chlorine. unex Keratin Silicon Shine and Cure works to protect the hair while it is applied. Using this product before you swim or exposure long term sunlight is ideal for maintenance of your unex Keratin Bio Treatment.
17) How soon can you touch up your color after you receive the unex Keratin Bio Treatment?

A: Since our treatments can be washed anytime after the treatments, you can color anytime! Just allow the color to remain in the hair 8 minutes longer than usual while applying. Usually waiting one week after the treatment is preffered so to ensure that the cuticles of the hair are well set in with the treatment before the color process.
18) How soon can I wash my hair after the Bio treatment?

A: You can leave the salon without washing your hair. There is no wait time needed for the unex Keratin Bio Treatments. It is suggested for best results to wash the hair as a final step to achieve the shine and manageability associated with this treatment. The hair will be more shinier and manageable after you wash. Please do not leave on the hair more than the maximum one evening.

19) Can I receive a unex Keratin Bio treatment if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: unex Keratin Bio Treatments are free of any harmful ingredients.
It is suggested to proceed with treatment if the client wishes but please make sure of the following:

-Pregnant women after their 3 month trimester may proceed with the unex Keratin Bio Treatment with caution to any individual sensitivities that may be occurring.

-Children over 6 years of age. (to be applied by an adult at all times)
Safety: Please keep product from the reach of children for reasons of accidental poisoning do to ingestion. Do not allow children to drink or rub the treatment or shampoo or conditioner products into eyes.
Treatment Applications- Maximum amount of applications allowed for a child not to exceed three applications per month (once per week if desired but not more than).
Shampoo & Conditioners: Post Shampoo and Conditioners may be applied daily.

20) What is the difference between unex Keratin Gold & Honey Bio Brazilian Treatment and unex Keratin Chocolate Max Bio Brazilian Treatments?

A: First of all the fragrance! unex Keratin Chocolate Max Bio Treatment contains cocoa extracts that aid in it’s delicious scent of Chocolate and all of the wonderful properties that cocoa brings – Cacao Seed Butter extracts creates a natural form of protective barrier that prevent dryness and loss of moisture and acts as a sunscreen and protection against severe weather conditions. Leave a soft manageable difference.

Our Gold & Honey Treatment uses Mel Extract (Honey extract) for extra assistance of day to day moisturizing needs, With natural conditioning agents or extra nutrients for better hydration. And a mix of other agents and antioxidant properties to aid in leaving the hair silkier, smoother and softer more healthier hair.

In other words, scent has nothing to do with it’s strength, enjoy the fragrances 🙂

21) Are there risks of color change when a client receives unex Keratin Bio treatments?

A: The unex Keratin Bio treatment is organic in nature and because of the natural acids within the main ingredient may cause the lightening of light haired colors. Please also take into consideration the use of the effect of clarifying shampoo and its fading of color is Clarifying Shampoo used as pre-treatment of the unex Keratin Bio Treatment for vibrant colored hairs.

Adding a color conditioner at the post process (after application) will remedy this issue (read further).

-Please use professional discretion when using the hot flat iron at high temperatures with platinum blond or fine haired clients.

For red hair: Known by all hair professionals, colored hair red is very fragile in keeping the color vibrant within the hair. Knowing this with the combined fact with every wash the color fades naturally and the fact that “Clarifying” shampoo is actually a very deep cuticle opening intensive cleaning process. This process will as said open the cuticle to remove residues and in this case loose color fragments from the hair.

To remedy this issue we suggest that after the final hair ironing is preformed to either:
a) Be sure to apply the treatment on hair 20-50% dry only.
b) Add color to the post shampoo or conditioner
c) Use a “color conditioner”

The PH levels in post shampoo and conditioner are designed to close the cuticles and seal the treatment within the hair. In this case it would be ideal to not only restore the color but also sealing the keratin treatment along with the color.

With all Brazilian Keratin Treatments, the ends of the hair if they are in need of a cut, will result in appearing more so in need of cutting. We suggest that hair be trimmed after the treatment to avoid this.

22) Can I maintain my natural curls and still enjoy the benefits of the unex Keratin Bio Treatment?

For those that want to maintain their hair curly:
The unex Keratin Treatment process depends on the most important step of the treatment process – the flat ironing process. It is only during this final step that the actual keratin is sealed into the cuticles of the hair. Only when this process is done successfully is when in fact the hair will become healthy, vibrant and without frizz. We can suggest that less ironing be applied during the process to attempt in trying to make the curls less straight. But, we cannot ensure that the curls will be eliminated because KC Bio will straighten the hair 70-90%. The best advice would be to use as indicated – A Flat Iron that reaches maximum heat of 430f/230c. After the treatment is complete you may choose to apply a hot curling iron to curl the hair and style.
23) Can I use any common Shampoo to wash my hair before the treatment?

Please realize that every step of the unex Keratin Bio treatment is to be performed just as indicated on the instructions. unex Keratin Clarifying Shampoo must be used to properly prepare the hair to receive the treatment. Our Clarifying Shampoo was designed to deep clean the hair unlike common shampoo can offer. Clarifying Shampoo opens the hair culticles and removes residue that commonly hides deep within the hair. Without this proper deep cleansing, the hair will not properly receive the keratin treatment and the entire treatment will fail. We also suggest the following steps to ensure that the Pre-Shampoo process is performed correctly:

a) For those that have never received a Keratin Treatment:
Please wash the hair up twice and leave on the hair well lathered and brush hair with the shampoo still on and leave on from 7-10 minutes.
b) For very thick hair, coarse hair and tight curls – wash the hair up to 3 times, brush hair with the shampoo still on and leave on the hair well lathered 7-10 minutes.
24) Why did I have white flakes on my hair and or scalp after the treatment?

A: If you have noticed white flaky material on the scalp or hair after the treatment as a result to saturating (using too much product) the hair with treatment. We ask that you use only what the hair needs to successfully apply the treatment. Start application at 1/4 from the root and avoid applying the treatment to the scalp. This is because the flat iron cannot usually be applied too closely to the scalp and not because the treatment is at all damaging. Flaking occurs as a result to product that has not received the heat necessary.

Note: Using unex Keratin Post Conditioners when you wash your hair (following Shampoo) and leaving it on the hair for a full 2 minutes balances the pH levels of your hair and avoids dandruff.
25)Should I use Clarifying Shampoo as shown on the first step for the next time I have another Bio Treatment? Will it damage my hair treatment?

Yes! It is essential that you follow the instructions for the treatment in the correct manner each time you receive a new treatment. Clarifying Shampoo will do a necessary deep cleaning to your hair by removing impurities and product build up from the hair shafts. Styling products, such as hair mousse, hair gel, hair spray, conditioners and even daily shampoos can cause buildup on the hair over time.unex Keratin Clarifying shampoo will help remove the buildup and prepare the hair for a clean start and complete necessary preparation for the unex Keratin Treatment. Damage caused by Clarifying Shampoo to the treatment happens when clients mistakenly use this as a daily hair wash instead of Post Treatment Shampoo as recommended only for after-care.
26) What is the difference between Biological and Bio-Brazilian Formulas?

A: The texture of Biological is liquid based and the Gold & Honey product has a pure honey scent. After much of your feedback we decided to make a creamier formula. Bio-Brazilian is creamy in texture and no longer has a honey scent but a glamorous new designer scent. Also, Bio-Brazilian has a much less chance of color change as Biological. These and the addition of Argan Oil to the active ingredients. The strengths are the same. We appreciate your feedback and we work to improve our formulas with your input! Also, the scent has been changed and its just beautiful!
26) What is the validity/ expiration information for unex Keratin Products?

All of unex Keratin products have a shelf life of 3 years. If the product was made in 2016, then it will expire in 2019. All products should have an expiration date on it with dates posted.

Have a question you did not see here? Send us a message!

unex Keratin Bio will not be held responsible for any applications not performed correctly and that are not performed by licensed unex Keratin professionals. unex Keratin cannot guarantee the desired results while using other types of Pre-Care or After-Care Shampoo or Conditioners in combination with a unex Keratin treatment.

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