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A: The unex Keratin Bio treatment is organic in nature and because of the natural acids within the main ingredient may cause the lightening of light haired colors. Please also take into consideration the use of the effect of clarifying shampoo and its fading of color is Clarifying Shampoo used as pre-treatment of the unex Keratin Bio Treatment for vibrant colored hairs.

Adding a color conditioner at the post process (after application) will remedy this issue (read further).

-Please use professional discretion when using the hot flat iron at high temperatures with platinum blond or fine haired clients.

For red hair: Known by all hair professionals, colored hair red is very fragile in keeping the color vibrant within the hair. Knowing this with the combined fact with every wash the color fades naturally and the fact that “Clarifying” shampoo is actually a very deep cuticle opening intensive cleaning process. This process will as said open the cuticle to remove residues and in this case loose color fragments from the hair.

To remedy this issue we suggest that after the final hair ironing is preformed to either:
a) Be sure to apply the treatment on hair 20-50% dry only.
b) Add color to the post shampoo or conditioner
c) Use a “color conditioner”

The PH levels in post shampoo and conditioner are designed to close the cuticles and seal the treatment within the hair. In this case it would be ideal to not only restore the color but also sealing the keratin treatment along with the color.

With all Unex Keratin Treatments, the ends of the hair if they are in need of a cut, will result in appearing more so in need of cutting. We suggest that hair be trimmed after the treatment to avoid this.

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