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A Beginners Guide to Brazilian Keratin Treatments
  • ?Before any type of keratin hair treatment, find a stylist and/or salon that you are comfortable with. No one wants to be uneasy sitting in a stylists chair. Next, educate yourself and ask the stylist questions you may have about keratin treatments! It?s the best way to ensure you will be receiving exactly what you ask for.

So what is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

  • Here?s the basic 411: By binding, the keratin is able to repair and maintain a healthy head of hair. On the inside of the hair follicle, the smaller keratin molecules penetrate the cortex, properly managing the quality. The larger molecules adhere to the hair cuticle, making a ?shield? to protect from UV Rays, smoke, smog and other environmental damage. Usually, this hair treatment will last from 2 to 4 months. Being that keratin hair treatments are not permanent the hair will revert back to its natural form over time, although it will stay soft & shiny. However, the more you continue your treatments, the more the hair improves overall. FYI ? This keratin treatment tends to work better on damaged hair and frizzy hair. The more damaged, the better, and the longer the keratin will last in the hair. You should also inquire on the different types of Brazilian Keratin Treatments. Some have formaldehyde while others are formaldehyde free or natural like Unex Argan Therapy ? Unex Organic Therapy . Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each type of product according to your own personal preference.

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